...working with the organisations and individuals who are delivering innovative, low carbon energy solutions

Engaging solutions that bring the best out of your people

- building understanding and

making connections


Creating positive results through successful low carbon innovation

- experience that will help you

deliver more impact


Support that makes a difference

- understanding gaps,

seeking solutions

We also deliver business game workshops as part of a joint venture called Heuristic

Energy, Innovation, Community 
What we do

The energy sector is being transformed.  New solutions are being created that seek to meet society's demand for energy in ways that have a positive impact on the environment.  The successful solutions will be those that are reliable, affordable and engaging.  This creates many opportunities for the organisations involved. 


Delivering low carbon energy is not just about technology, it's about policy, economics, society and the business models that bring all these together.  Most importantly, it's about innovation and the relationships that make innovation happen  ...and this is where Cultivate can help you.

How we can help

Working in the energy sector with large corporates, small businesses, government and academia, has shown the importance of creating solutions that meet the needs of others.  We can use our experience to support you in creating these outcomes in your own work, with the community you are part of.