“It is rare to find someone like Mike that understands the importance of the shape and design of a meeting – especially in this sector”

Polly Billington, Director, UK100

Facilitated Networking Delivery


Cultivate Innovation worked with UK100 to design audience interaction at the Financing the Local Clean Energy Transition Conference. By shaping the conversation, greater insight was gained into understanding of the gaps in knowledge and capacity of attendees to delivering local low carbon energy projects. The captured outputs provide a strong evidence base for moving the conversation forward- accelerating progress towards commercial local energy projects.

Activities undertaken

  • created a networking activity utilising custom-designed cards, capturing opportunities, challenges and what is needed to address these
  • designed regional hubs around which to centre discussion and target questions
  • facilitated discussion, ensuring that attendees were working together to discuss and develop responses
  • captured all inputs to provide a strategic resource to inform events and interaction moving forward

Client Testimonial

Polly Billington, Director, UK100

“We sought to work with Mike as he understands the problems of accessing finance for low carbon project development- and that engineers and investors speak very different languages! We asked Cultivate to design the audience interaction at our national conference, as we wanted to gain insight into what Local Authorities need from government and their capacity for low carbon project delivery. We received positive feedback from the audience on the session and were able to capture an evidence base for what underpinned our hunches. The best thing about working with Mike is his creativity and nonformulaic approach to meeting facilitation- we look forward to working with him to deliver our series of regional events”.