Energy, Innovation, Community

Delivering low carbon energy is not just about technology, it's about policy, economics, society and the business models that bring all these together.  Most importantly, it's about innovation and the relationships that make innovation happen  ...and this is where Cultivate can help you.

Sam Kingman,

Pro Vice-Chancellor,

University of Nottigham

Initial conversations with Mike were very powerful- more listening and less talking. I was impressed with his thought process  [ more]

John Barrett,

Theme Lead, CREDS

Mike is a natural facilitator - he is very diplomatic and ensured that everyone had their say  [ more]

Polly Billington,

Director, UK100

It is rare to find someone like Mike that understands the importance of the shape and design of a meeting- especially in this sector  [ more]

Phil Bowen,

Director GTRC,

Cardiff University

Mike can see different sides of the argument and bridge gaps between academia, industry and consumers. It is hard to find other consultancies doing what he can do  [ more]